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"Darn It Darla" A Short Film By Walid Chaya Coming Soon

Written by Lavinia Roberts

Directed by Walid Chaya

Starring Walid Chaya, Liz Venz, Quincy Cho, Nelson Arrieta Jr.

"As rehearsals for the stage production are in full swing, there’s a larger vision on the horizon. Plans are underway to adapt “Darn It Darla!” into a short film, produced and directed by none other than Walid Chaya himself. This exciting transition underscores the story’s power and its potential to reach an even broader audience through the magic of cinema.

The narrative of “Darn It Darla!” revolves around a former child star’s unyielding fight for more equitable and diverse roles for women in the realm of Hollywood. Her journey is fraught with challenges, many stemming from her cunning and menacing agent, Blake, portrayed by none other than the versatile Walid Chaya. The story serves as a mirror to the real-world struggles and battles faced by those who aim to reshape the entertainment industry."

Read the full article in Cali Post.

Check back soon for updates!


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