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CALIPOST: Actor-Director Walid Chaya Brings “Darn It Darla!” from Stage to Silver Screen Brilliance

"A riveting tale of industry struggles and empowerment is set to take center stage this month at the Brisk Festival, as “Darn It Darla!” – a captivating dark comedy written by the talented Lavinia Roberts – gets ready to entertain audiences. Behind this theatrical triumph is the collaborative genius of Lavinia Roberts and the dynamic Walid Chaya, whose partnership has consistently delighted audiences with its brilliance. This time, the production is brought to life by Studio For Performing Arts LA at the esteemed Brisk Festival LA." -CALIPOST

"The Brisk Festival LA, renowned for its celebration of 10-minute short plays, provides the perfect platform for “Darn It Darla!” to shine. Handpicked through a rigorous selection process, the play’s inclusion in the festival’s lineup is a testament to its quality and thought-provoking nature. This accomplishment speaks to the strength of the production and the creative minds behind it.

Walid Chaya, a driving force in the entertainment landscape, not only represents his community but also champions diversity and challenges industry norms. His vision goes beyond the stage, with plans to adapt the play into a short film that will further amplify its message. This transition from stage to screen highlights the importance of live theater as a testing ground for narratives before they make their mark on the big screen."

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