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An Actor's Letter About "LA Acting Bootcamp" From Studio Member Shaniqua Henry

After attending our "LA Acting Bootcamp" this summer in Los Angeles, Shaniqua Henry writes a letter to Walid Chaya, our Studio Director, reflecting on her time training with Walid and 12 Casting Directors, Agents and VIPs.


July 25, 2022

Hi Walid,

I want to express my appreciation for the LA Acting Bootcamp. I've attended programs and masterclasses in NY and LA, but not something so detailed with coaching and encouraging people like your Bootcamp!

Vicki [Goggin, Casting Director] seemed to like me while reminding me to make sure I know who I'm talking to in my commercial scene.

Pamela {M. Staton, Casting Director] said... she liked how I worked my scene and how I played a victim well. Her note was to really create the moment before so [the] audience knows where I'm at and [what I'm] doing, which help immensely.

The [four] commercial reps were all encouraging, and one of them specifically gave me their email and asked to send materials. I checked out their agency, and they are doing some good things.

Roxy [Shih, Emmy-Nominated Director/Writer] was dope! She had such a great vibe... [and] offered encouragement about embracing my multi-hyphenate self, while being strategic about acting in order to build up enough clout to move in other areas.

Ani [Avetyan, Casting Director & Producer] said I was authentic and saw my actor's essence. She also provided her email and encouraged me to keep in touch.

Jennifer Russell [Manager/Owner, Working Talent Management] told me to contact her ASAP, and I could come in for a meeting... She liked that I do acting, writing and working on producing.

Ted Maier [Avalon Artists Group], Lindsey Mass [DPN Talent Agency] and Mike Clifford [MAG Talent Agency] gave me lots of encouragement because they loved my scene and acknowledged my talent. Ted [Maier, Avalon Artists Group] said I reminded him of a past client, which was a good thing. I plan to still follow-up.

Before I follow-up, I'm going to update my resume with notes I was offered, rename my clips (dope suggestion!) and upload new co-star scenes I just taped since my Actors Access doesn't have it. I'm a single mom, so I have to pace myself regarding funds, but LA Casting and IMDb Pro is on my to-do list!

Thanks again!!

Best wishes,

Shaniqua Henry

View Shaniqua's Actors Access: Click Here

Thank you, Shaniqua - we're so proud of you!

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