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Actors Talent Profile Revival 3-Week ONLINE Class - Pilot Season 2023 Session Begins Soon!

Starts Wed Feb 22 | Develop your brand, pitch & talent profiles then meet a Casting Dir & Agent on week 3.


★ REGISTRATION - please click here to submit for approval.

Improve your Talent Profiles on websites like Casting Networks and Actors Access and present to a LA Casting Director and Talent Agent in this 3-week online class led by Walid Chaya and our demo development partners, Rapid Reelz.

Actors will experience 3-weeks of online business prep and enhance their Talent Profiles with continuous feedback related to headshots, video clips and resume credits, as well as the actor's brand and pitch. A Casting Director and Talent Agent will attend the last online class for a final presentation and meet-and-greet.

Only 16 actors will be approved to participate in this class and can expect the following over 3-weeks on Zoom.

★ Week 1: Talent Profile Feedback & Introduction to Personal Branding – Walid will review your Talent Profile, discuss your personal brand, and assign action items for you to complete between classes and improve your profile.

★ Week 2: How to Pitch Yourself & Best Utilize Casting Networks & Actors Access – Walid will demonstrate specific routines when submitting to castings online and strategies to make your Talent Profile stand out with a strong personal pitch. Actors will also check-in and share progress on their action items from week one.

★ Week 3: Present to Special Guests: LA Casting Director & Talent Agent – Actors will have a final review with Walid and then meet two special guests. Actors will pitch themselves to the special guests followed by a presentation of Talent Profiles with on-the-spot individual feedback for each actor from the casting director and talent agent.

This program provides personalized attention and is tailored to each actor’s needs, from the profile and media improvements to the weekly lessons, branding, and professional guidance.

Actors that don’t have video footage will be given resources to self-tape at home between classes, as well as filming services offered by Rapid Reelz with a quick turn-around so your Talent Profile will be ready for presentation and submissions by the third and final class.

Hurry, only 16 spots per session – register now!

★ REGISTRATION - please click here to submit for approval.

To register and view the current schedule, visit


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