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THE ACTOR'S PITCH Online Prep with 3 VIPs

Various Dates | Revamp your Actors Access+written feedback from 3 VIPs

Discover your brand, how to market your online acting profiles and present yourself to make a strong first impression.

Revamp your pitch and Actors Access profile with Walid Chaya online in c, then get WRITTEN feedback from 3 VIPs of your choice. Choose which types of experts will provide you feedback, from casting pros, film directors, agents, managers or a mix. View a list of previous VIPs at


- May 31 at 3pm PT

- June 15 at 1pm PT

- June 28 at 6pm PT

- July 12 at 1pm PT


Before class, prepare/update your Actors Access profile with your latest credits, headshots & videos. (Don't have one? Create a profile at to participate.)

Meet on Zoom in a small group setting on the date you choose during registration. Walid will review your Actors Access profile, discuss your brand and help you prepare your pitch/slate.

After the session, make suggested updates & record a video of your slate/pitch. Once ready, email Walid two links, your updated Actors Access profile & a second link to your slate/pitch video. Walid will send these links to 3 VIPs of your choice for written feedback which you will be emailed 2-4 weeks later.


Marketing materials play a huge part in the quality & quantity of auditions an actor or their reps can attract to find auditions & book roles.

Created by Walid Chaya, participants will study THE ACTORS PITCH ABC's in this class:

✰ A: AMMO- Review Your Actors Access Profile Is your actor profile as strong as your talent? A variety of demo clips & professional headshots are your ammo when submitting to casting or seeking representation. No matter how talented you are, your profile must reflect your skills & personality to be considered for roles in television & film.

✰ B: BRAND- Pitch Your Brand & Type Are you authentic and easy to remember? Awareness of your type & roles authentic to you & your special skills is how you pitch yourself as an actor. The more specific & organic your pitch, the more likely you are to be remembered & matched with certain roles.

✰ C: CONNECTIONS- Present To 3 VIPs What do casting pros and talent reps think? Pitch yourself to 3 VIPs that will view your Actors Access profile & watch your video clips, then give you written feedback & professional advice.

Discover how prominent experts in the industry view you and prepare for a successful on-camera career!

To register and view the current schedule visit


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