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FREE! Summer LA Casting Update with Walid Chaya and Casting Director Ani Avetyan!

What is next for the entertainment industry? Walid and Casting Director Ani Avetyan open up a dialogue on post-COVID expectations.

Casting Director & Producer Ani Avetyan joins Walid Chaya to discuss Hollywood reopening and will take questions from participants live on Zoom. Find out what to expect the next time you book an acting job as the film and television industry resumes casting and production.

Ani and Walid will discuss what virtual components can be expected post-COVID and what the transition back to work looks like for actors, from auditioning to your time on-set.

Please visit Ani Avetyan's Guest Bio page here to learn more info about her and her work!

***This complimentary webinar is open to the first 100 actors only. You will be emailed a Zoom link after you register, please log-in at least 10 minutes before the webinar start time as space is not guaranteed.

This event is on May 19, 2021 at 4:30pm PST (7:30pm EST)! For registration and to view the current schedule, please visit


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