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Celebz Treasure Spotlights "LA Monologue/Song Slam" Event & Behind the Scenes with Walid Chaya

"Produced by Studio For Performing Arts LA and Moonlit Wings Productions, the Slam featured a line-up of 25 pre-selected actors performing 60-second monologues/songs in a fast-paced race. " - Celebz Treasure: Daily News from the Vine

"Director Walid Chaya shared a behind the scenes Q&A about the 2022 event:

What makes this event special?

Walid: The LA Monologue & Song Slam puts 25 actors and singers head-to-head in a dynamic and interactive performance competition. This program is at no cost to performers and was created as an opportunity to give industry exposure to underrepresented talent."

For the full article please click here.


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