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Walid Chaya Chats With VIP’s Denise Simon, CD Zora DeHorter & Manager Loren Albento On Clubhouse App

Studio For Performing Arts LA kicked off our lineup of Clubhouse conversations today with film and television VIPs. Free with the Clubhouse app!

Our Studio Director Walid Chaya hosts these complimentary sessions available exclusively through the Clubhouse app.

Walid invited VIP Denise Simon as our special guest for a discussion titled “Acting Experts Share Secrets To Success.” Walid & Denise are expert Acting Coaches with celebrity clients on-screen and on-stage.

Denise managed clients such as Scarlett Johansson, Mira Sorvino, Lacey Chabert, and more. She is also the author of an incredible book “Parenting In The Spotlight.”

Walid & Denise enjoyed a lengthy chat with actors from all over the world about how to put their career in motion. In addition to actors participating, film and television VIPs, including casting and talent representatives, also joined the conversation.

Casting Director Zora DeHorter CSA and Manager Loren Albento from LBI Entertainment also shared golden nuggets with the actors as surprise special guest speakers. Thank you to everyone that attended!

More chats are scheduled with new topics and different VIP’s every session. For updates on upcoming Clubhouse chats, follow our Studio Director on the Clubhouse app, username: walidchaya

We are so excited for you to join the conversation!


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