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FREE Webinar! Acing Your Agent Interview

Various Dates | Walid shares strategies for actors meeting with Agents and Management.

Develop strategies to make your agency submissions stand out and ACE your interviews when seeking representation for film, television or commercials.


✭ Wednesday, Aug 3, 2022 ✭ Additional Dates To Be Added To The Schedule

In this complimentary webinar, Walid will share strategies to sign with talent reps and how to make a memorable and professional impression during your initial pitch and live interview. He will also discuss business protocol for landing the meeting, acing the interview and sending a strong follow-up.

Many of Walid's clients signed with their first agent or manager after working with him. As Hollywood reopens, many fresh faces continue to work with agencies. Discover how these actors are seen and signed!

To register and view the current schedule, visit


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