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FREE Webinar! Social Media For Actors

Various Dates | Walid shares 5 Do's+Don'ts to network with social media.

Are you using Instagram, Twitter or IMDb to network and book more film and TV jobs? Walid shares 5 "Do's and Don'ts" when it comes to networking using social media.

Various Dates Available

In this complimentary webinar, discover what casting and talent reps are looking for in an actor's social media profile and how to use platforms like Instagram, Twitter and IMDb to boost your acting career.

Many of Walid's clients follow these social media practices after working with him and have new relationships online, leading to newfound career connections and performance opportunities.

Now more than ever, Hollywood and most industries are interested in the social media buzz and discovering people online.

Discover 5 "Do's & Don'ts" to use social media effectively as a tool for your acting career.

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