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In-Person ACTING BOOTCAMP 12 VIPs 3 Days

Dec 2-4 | Adults train in LA with 12 Casting Pros, Directors, Agents/Management


Dive back into the biz with Walid Chaya's in-person PRE-PILOT SEASON "LA Acting Bootcamp" & jump start your on-camera career with 12 VIPs in Hollywood!

Train with Casting Pros & Film Directors and showcase to Talent Agents & Managers -- 12 VIPs total in 3 busy days in Los Angeles:

Thursday to Saturday, Dec 2 to 4, 2021. Only 18 actors will be approved! To request approval, click the special events link at the bottom of the page. This program is for ages 16 & up by approval. (Too young? Youth visit our Kids/Teens page for youth programs.)

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (subject to change):


✭ 9am PT - Orientation

✭ 10am PT - Casting Pro Masterclass

✭ 1pm PT - Lunch/Break

✭ 2pm PT - Casting Pro Masterclass

✭ 5pm PT - Dinner/Break

✭ 7pm PT - Commercial Agent/Manager Showcase

✭ 9pm PT - Wrap


✭ 10am PT - Casting Pro Masterclass

✭ 1pm PT - Lunch/Break

✭ 2pm PT - Masterclass with 2 Directors

✭ 6pm PT - Wrap


✭ 1pm PT - Theatrical Agent/Manager Showcase

✭ 5pm PT - Business Seminar

✭ 6pm PT - Wrap

Registered actors will be emailed the confirmed VIP line-up the week before the program begins as well as the venue address in Hollywood.

For a list of VIPs that have previously attended our programs, visit this link:

To participate, prepare a film/tv scene of your choice, no longer than 2 minutes. Your scene will be coached by the casting pros and you will also present it to the Talent Agents and Managers.

If you need scene options, email after you register. You will also be assigned a cold scene (given on the spot) for one of the Casting Pro Masterclasses. We will provide a 'reader' to perform with you for all sessions.

To apply and view the current schedule, click here or visit


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