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"Film Set Exploration: On-Location vs. Sound Stage Dynamics" Ep. 23 of LIGHTS CAMERA CONVERSATION Available, Stream Now!

Join our conversation about all things entertainment! “Lights Camera Conversation” is a brand new podcast by Walid Chaya and Kavita Raj.

In today's new podcast episode, we dive into the discussion of film set dynamics from filming on-location vs. on-set in a sound studio.

Entertainment experts Walid and Kavita explore filming nuances between real on-location shoots and sound stage productions. They share insights from varied set experiences, discuss the challenges of using green screens, and highlight the actor's role in crafting believable settings.

They reminisce about shooting 'Messy,' the music video for Kavita's daughter and pop artist Rhea Raj, on location. Exploring the scouting process at a school and football field, they share their experiences. Additionally, the duo highlights Usher's eagerly awaited Super Bowl halftime performance, celebrating his talent and discussing the event's cultural significance. 

Stream on your favorite platform, like YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more or click here. Please give our new podcast a 5 star rating when you listen and subscribe — it means so much as we get started.


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