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"Entertainment Mastery" Ep. 20 of LIGHTS CAMERA CONVERSATION Available, Stream Now!

Join our conversation about all things entertainment! “Lights Camera Conversation” is a brand new podcast by Walid Chaya and Kavita Raj.

In today episode of 'Light's Camera Conversation', we dive into artist goal-setting for a career-driven new year and pilot season.

Entertainment experts Walid and Kavita discuss the art of goal setting for artists and preparing New Year's resolutions as 2023 comes to a close. Walid suggests starting with a gratitude list as his preferred method for achieving goals, while Kavita advocates for self-reflection and prioritization as her favored approach. They explore various methods to drive progress in the upcoming year, covering artistic business objectives, health, and mindset aspirations. The duo emphasizes the importance of creating specific, action-oriented goals that are both realistic and achievable. Additionally, they delve into strategies for fostering self-accountability.

Switching gears to the realm of pop culture, Walid and Kavita delve into a discussion about Britney Spears' latest book and memoir titled "The Woman in Me," highlighting how it represents a new beginning for Britney.

Stream on your favorite platform, like YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more or click here. Please give our new podcast a 5 star rating when you listen and subscribe — it means so much as we get started.


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