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"Sri's Legacy: Daughters Lara Raj's KATSEYE Girl Group & Rhea Raj's Independent Music Success" Ep. 24 of LIGHTS CAMERA CONVERSATION Available, Stream Now!

Join our conversation about all things entertainment! “Lights Camera Conversation” is a brand new podcast by Walid Chaya and Kavita Raj.

Our special guest is no other than Sri, the father music artists Rhea & Lara Raj, and husband of my co-host Kavita.

The fam discusses their daughter Lara's journey to the new global girl group "KATSEYE" and Rhea's indie hits -- stream now for free!

Entertainment entrepreneurs Walid and Kavita return with a special guest featuring father Sri Rajagopalan, proud parent of music artists Rhea & Lara Raj. Sri, who is also Kavita's husband, joins the conversation to discuss their daughters' remarkable rise to success in the music and entertainment industry. 

The discussion delves into the importance of networking and branding, leading to Lara's recent signing with Geffen and Hybe Records for the new global girl group, KATSEYE, while Rhea continues to thrive as an independent music artist. The exciting episode also explores the inspiration behind their artistic journey, the essential ingredients for success, strategies for utilizing social media, the art of dropping covers and creating original music to consistently attract attention. Throughout the episode, Walid, who is Lara & Rhea's first acting coach, provides unique insights as a witness to their extraordinary journey.

Stream on your favorite platform, like YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more or click here. Please give our new podcast a 5 star rating when you listen and subscribe — it means so much as we get started.


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