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Online Class With Casting VIP Ani Avetyan

Study TV w/Ani, she's cast 14+ years of hit shows and film.

Study with a VIP and prepare the skills needed to book television shows and films as production resumes!

Casting Professional and Producer Ani Avetyan is known for casting over 14 years TNT's hit TV series "The Closer," it's spin-off "Major Crimes" and has since worked on many additional television shows and feature films.

Ani will teach how to act on-camera authentically and prepare actors to return to set after the industry pause.

Discover what it takes to bring a TV character to life and the dynamics of television scripts, timing and technique. Then discuss what to expect returning to auditions and to set this season, followed by a group Q&A session.

This class is on Sept 28, 2021! For registration please click here and to view the current schedule, please visit


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