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About "Publicity for Performers" at Studio For Performing Arts LA

Whether starting or advancing, we guarantee artists news features, talent development and essential marketing tools.

Who Works with Us:

Actors, Models, & Dancers

Musicians, Artists, & Producers

Directors, Writers, & Creatives

Why You Need Publicity:

Increased Exposure: Transform your visibility from ordinary to extraordinary with a whirlwind of press articles, strategic PR coaching, and even iconic billboard and podcast appearances. Let us ignite your brand's journey towards stardom by expanding your audience reach like never before.

Unforgettable Branding: Make an impressive mark in the industry with our digital EPKs and comp cards. Additionally, through crafting standout profiles on IMDb and engaging with casting platforms, we shape your story with precision, guaranteeing you make a lasting impression on industry insiders and open doors to countless job opportunities.

Career Accelerator:  In today's digital age, it's crucial to shine online as you do in real life. Elevate your image and skills through our artist coaching and consulting. We help enhance your portfolio, refine your pitch, connect you with industry VIPs, and unlock opportunities to spotlight you or your projects.


Get in the spotlight with guaranteed publicity and PR coaching.

What We Do:

News Publications: Get your story published

1) We ensure coverage in quality news outlets and provide expert guidance to strategize your media campaigns.

2) Our experienced authors at various publications expertly craft engaging articles, meticulously tailored for SEO, to boost your online discoverability.

3) Our articles feature stories, interviews, or news updates, tailored to spotlight you or your project's unique essence.

Digital EPK or Card: Illuminate your story and board

1) We specialize in dynamic designs that spotlight your talents, perfect for impressing casting directors, producers, or brand managers during pitches. 

2) Enjoy personalized multimedia solutions to boost your online presence and define your brand identity. 

3) Your Digital EPK or Comp Card offers a comprehensive visual portfolio, facilitating confident introductions for networking, auditions, and meetings.

Visual Branding: Solutions for quality photo and video

1) Collaborate with us to craft a compelling shot list that showcases your unique qualities with "looks" to amplify your brand and make a lasting impression.

2) Our recommended photographers excel at capturing your skills and personality, delivering a versatile portfolio. 

3) Embrace the visual nature of film and TV by prioritizing your brand through imagery to strengthen connections with casting directors, brand managers, and your audience.

Artist Development: Enhance your talent opportunities

) In today's digital era, we customize strategies to help you captivate industry insiders and propel your career forward, regardless of your level of experience. 

2) From optimizing your profiles to honing your online presence and on-set abilities, gain comprehensive support.

3) We facilitate connections with agents, managers, casting directors, producers, coaches, and other influential figures to elevate your profile and unlock opportunities.

Social Media Tools: Boost your reach and profiles

1)Basic services include strategy to optimize your pages for brand coherence, while advanced services ensure real follower growth and organic engagement.

2) Our advanced tools, including brand makeovers, encompass growth and engagement features like views, likes, and comments, as well as verified user interactions.

3) Our skilled social media managers collaborate with Google AdWords to optimize for SEO, boosting traffic and improving online visibility.

Billboards & Podcasts: Top visual & audio placements

1) Our expert team secures iconic billboards in Times Square NYC, Nashville, & Atlanta, establishing credibility and leaving a lasting impression.

2) Craft your 15-second billboard message with our team's expertise to deliver a compelling and impactful photo or video ad.

3) Elevate your presence by becoming a sought-after guest on top podcast shows, leveraging their engaged audiences and credibility.

Ready to get in the spotlight? Our publicity services can help you shine!


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