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Free Checklist: "Am I Ready For Acting Representation?"

One of the greatest things that an actor can do for themselves is to create a team and get representation with an Talent Agent or Manager.

However, how do you know if you're ready for representation?

Do you have all the proper material to package yourself to be represented? Will an agent or manager be able to pitch you?

I have created a short checklist to see if you have all of the proper supplements to find an agent or manager! Each one of these checklist points are key ingredients to help you get the representation you deserve.

Actor Checklist: "Am I Ready For Acting Representation?"

Created by Walid Chaya

▢ I have completed talent profiles on 3 main talent sites with all details including up-to-date resume credits.

  • Do you have profiles on Actors Access, Casting Frontier, and Casting Networks?

▢ I have quality headshots with a range of looks/character types (shots are up to industry standards and look like the current me).

  • It's important to have a variety of looks so that when you submit for auditions, casting directors can help to picture you for a role that they are casting for To learn more about where you can get new headshots in Los Angeles, check out this article: Walid's 3 Amazing LA Headshot Photographer Recommendations

▢ I have a range of quality demo clips that showcase my best acting skills and performances.

  • One demo reel, around 1-2 minutes max with contrasting short clips showing a range of your work (think of how the Oscars screen short clips of actors nominated for certain categories to give a quick look at each actors skills and performance)

▢ I have previous and ongoing acting training from trusted studios and valued professionals.

  • Representation is always looking for actors who are constantly working on their skills. It shows that an actor takes their craft seriously and are constantly looking to improve themselves. Studio For Performing Arts LA offers first-rate training online and in Los Angeles, view the schedule to find a program that's perfect for you.

  • For training, consider the amount of time committed and the type of training (film, tv or stage? comedy or drama? Method or Stanislavski? etc.). Do you speak other languages? Are your skills competitive? Are you a double or triple threat?

I have a self-tape setup that fits industry standards.

  • The entertainment industry has been transitioning into the digital age for a while, even more so now due following the pandemic. It's the age of self-tapes. Because of this transition, it is important for actors to have a working self-tape setup that shows a sense of professionalism.

I have some income from another job or savings to sustain myself as I audition and get started and live in Los Angeles or have the option to travel at a moment's notice for an audition or booking.

  • It is important to fiscally understand where you are in life. Can you take care of your responsibilities while also having a flexible schedule? These types of questions are important to ask yourself to know if this is a lifestyle that is sustainable for you.

So...are YOU ready for representation?

If you were able to realistically answer these questions and feel confident about your provided answers, then you may be ready for representation!

Hopefully this checklist will help you better understand where you stand in your acting career, and what type of work you need to improve on to become a more marketable actor.

Meet a talent rep at our studio events or schedule a online career consultation with me to brainstorm agencies and potential referrals.

I hope that this article has been helpful for you!

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