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Tyler Kahl, Talent Agent, Allegory Creative Talent (Guest Bio)

Tyler Kahl is a Talent Agent for Allegory Creative Talent based in Los Angeles.

Tyler Kahl was born in Hagerstown, Maryland. He graduated Dickinson college with a BS in Biology but instead of going to Med School he moved Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. He started his career at Allegory Creative Talent 5 years ago and was promoted to agent after 2. Allegory focuses on an incredibly talented and diverse group of storytellers working at the highest levels of TV and Film. Our series regular and recurring arcs include The Crossing (ABC), Charmed (the CW), Animal Kingdom (TNT), A.P. Bio (NBC), Proven Innocent (Fox), Westworld (HBO), The Last Ship (TNT), The Walking Dead (AMC), For All Mankind (Apple), Vida (Starz), Bosch (Amazon), Sneaky Pete (Amazon) as well as countless guest stars on every network and studio in town. Not to mention numerous SAG national campaigns.

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