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VIP Spotlight: Casting Director & Producer ANI AVETYAN August 2022

Introducing Ani Avetyan, a special guest at our studio, and our August 2022 VIP SPOTLIGHT!

Studio For Performing Arts LA (SPALA) is proud to recognize this month's VIP Spotlight, Casting Director & Producer Ani Avetyan.

Ani met our Studio Director Walid Chaya in 2011, they bonded over the shared love of their Armenian and Lebanese cultures and their joy for teaching actors. Since the launch of SPALA, Ani has been one of our studio's most popular and frequent special guests.

Ani has volunteered to give advice and help actors at countless studio events and free webinars over the past years. She has a passion to teach and inspire actors in an insightful, straightforward and kind manner. Whether working with our young performers or adults of all ages, Ani is full of energy and knows how to bring the best performance out of each actor she coaches and mentors.

Ani is known for casting 14 years of TNT's hit show, "The Closer," and its spinoff "Major Crimes" and for teaching actors the in's-and-out's of acting for film and television.

SPALA is lucky to have Ani as our resident instructor in our exclusive monthly package program, THE ACTIVE ACTOR™. This program is all-inclusive for actors and includes a weekly class co-taught by Ani covering scene study and Walid covering business, plus guest speakers, marketing webinars, industry showcase and more. This program is by approval only and online applications are open year-round.

Ani has also taught various masterclasses and our students rave about their time training in the classroom. Whether it's an introduction to acting, cold reading, scene study or audition technique, Ani continues to motivate and mend creative minds and we are grateful for her time at Studio For Performing Arts LA.

When away from the studio, Ani enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading a good book, going to the theatre (especially for Chekhov), and listening to live jazz and blues.

(Photo: Studio Director Walid Chaya & VIP Ani Avetyan)


Ani is known for casting 14 years of TNT's hit show, "The Closer," and its spinoff "Major Crimes."

Ani’s other casting credits include "Hellcats," "Primo," "Leaving Barstow," "Homecoming," "Stalkers," "Emily Owens M.D.," "Holiday Spin," "School and Board," "Trust Me," "Twenty Good Years" and "Bad Teacher." Recently, Ani had her directing debut with the Los Angeles production of “The Understudy” at the Hudson Guild Theatre.

Learn more about Ani’s current and past projects by visiting her IMDb!

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