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Webinar: Actor's Social Media & Branding

April 14 | Walid shares tools & strategies to get seen on social media

In this webinar for actors, Walid Chaya shares strategies that have helped his clients as well as tools and resources for actors to get seen using social media and stand out with consistent branding.

Thursday, April 14 at 2pm PT

1: Discovering Your Brand & Best Platforms
2: Promote Your Brand On Social Media & Tools
3: Q&A Session with Walid Chaya

✰ Discover strategies to build and better understand your brand and what makes you unique as an actor
✰ Learn to take control of your image and use your brand to influence your acting career using social media
✰ Make posting and interacting on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter easier and simplify these routines
✰ Find ways to streamline your profiles so your branding is consistent and your social channels always match

As an educator, Walid's speciality is "The Business of Acting In The Digital Age” and this webinar, along with his knowledge of the latest acting trends and resources, have helped hundreds of actors jumpstart their careers.

Develop your niche and how to grow your audience so you get noticed on your favorite social media platforms!

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