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June 11 DEMO DAY "Interrogation" Scenes!

Act in an original scene professionally filmed for your reel +VIP prep!

Consult with Walid Chaya (Bio). Coach with Casting Director Ani Avetyan (Guest Bio). Film with Director & Scriptwriter Matt Beurois (Guest Bio). Look like a pro with a new quality scene shot for your reel!

Many aspiring actors have a hard time booking roles or finding an agent without a reel. Let our award-winning team help develop yours.

Act in an original "interrogation" scene professionally filmed for your reel in the style of a police procedural drama. You focus on the acting while we help you prep and take care of all the technical production.


✭ 1 "Interrogation" Demo Scene & Full Production

✭ 30-min filming with Dir. Matt Beurois & crew on-set June 11, 2021

✭ 15-min private consult with Walid Chaya online June 3 or 4

✭ 15-min private coaching with Casting Dir. Ani Avetyan online June 7

✭ Dressed sets, props, lighting, sound, music, filming, editing, color correction & more


1. Book an appointment time to film your interrogation scene. Arrive ‘camera-ready’ & 30-min early on June 11.

2. You will have 30-min on-set to film with our professional crew. Generally, our actors are able to record 3-5 takes of their scene, including time to quickly prepare and clean-up.

3. Choose your favorite takes and provide any notes before leaving set. You will be emailed your fully edited scene to download within 3-weeks after the shoot date.


After you register, please email to request scene options & to schedule your VIP consultation and CD coaching for before the shoot.


Our original "interrogation" scenes each run about 45-60 seconds. You may make minor edits, so the scene best fits your personality. You may also request to use a similar scene of your own.

“Interrogation” scene options include characters from police procedural dramas, like a victim reporting an assault, suspect confessing, cop grilling a witness, etc..

✭ We will provide a table for two, prop police badge, manila folders/files. You are welcome to also bring any additional props needed for your scene.

✭ You are responsible for your wardrobe. We will provide an actor to perform with you. The camera will be mainly focused on your face so we will mostly see the other actors back/shoulder.

We operate safe, COVID-conscious sets, with crew wearing masks and safety & sanitation protocols in place.

This event is on June 11, 2021! For registration please click here and to view the current schedule, please visit


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