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How To Add Slate Shots on Actors Access (Tutorial)

Slate Shots are a useful tool on Actors Access to show your personality and a short slate to casting. Find out what a Slate Shot entails and how to add yours below!

What is a Slate Shot?

A Slate Shot is a short 5-7 second clip that you attach to your headshots on Actors Access. It is just long enough for you to slate your name!

Why do I need one?

Having a Slate Shot increases the chances of a casting director choosing you for an audition, as it it bumps your submission up higher on their list of actors. It also shares a quick moment of your personality and allows the CD to hear you speak before they see your clips/reel.

What does it look like?

It looks like a Self Tape would: well lit in front of a blank, not distracting background. Framing is mid torso to just above your head.

Should I have a different Slate Shot for each headshot?

Yes! The Slate Shot offers a unique opportunity to continue the vibe of the headshot it's attached to. To achieve this, wear the same outfit you are wearing in the headshot and match the energy of it. If it's smiley, smile as you say your slate. If it's serious, keep it serious, etc.

I have my Slate Shots ready, how do I upload them to Actors Access?

Check out this tutorial from Actors Access Support to see a step-by-step guide:

Still have questions?

Schedule a one-hour Zoom meeting with Walid Chaya for your Career Consultation! Have your materials reviewed and all questions about your profiles answered.


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