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Online ACTING BOOTCAMP 7 VIPs in 2 Days

Feb 26-27, 2022 | Train online with 7 Casting Pros/Directors + Agents


Take your career to the next level in a jam-packed weekend with 7 VIPs, all from the comfort of your own home. Train with 3 Casting Pros & Film Directors then showcase to 3 Agents plus a Business Webinar with Walid Chaya in our 2022 PILOT SEASON "Online Acting Bootcamp" on Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 26 to 27 from 10:30am to 3:30pm PT.

PREVIOUS GUESTS from our past program below - NEW VIPS for Feb 26-27 will be updated here soon!

✭ Lisa Zambetti, LA Casting Pro Lisa is known for her work on Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Monsters: Dark Continent and Beyond the Edge. For more info visit

✭ Brandon Henry Rodriguez, Owner of BHR Casting Brandon has cast numerous films starring such talent as Vince Vaughn, Alexis Bledel, Liam Hemsworth, and Kurt Russell to name just a few. For more info visit

✭ Zora DeHorter, CSA, Owner of DeHorter Casting Zora has cast such films as Sacha Baron Cohen's "Ali G InDaHouse," "Species III," "Loving Annabelle" which won 10 awards including L.A. Outfest, Paris Film Festival and many more. For more info visit


✭ Sueanne Edan, Tangerine Talent (

✭ Kevin Turner, Daniel Hoff Agency (

✭ Nicole St. John, Elev8 Agency ( ✭ Plus a Biz Webinar with Walid Chaya!

***If you already have an Agent, email Walid to request prorated registration and only attend classes with Casting Pros/Directors. All other actors can book online now. Ages 17 & up, register before it's too late! (Too young? Interested teens can email us to request special approval.)



✭ 10:30am PT - Casting Pro Masterclass

✭ 12:30pm PT - Lunch/Break

✭ 1:00pm PT - Film Director Masterclass

✭ 3:00pm PT - Wrap


✭ 10:30am PT - Casting Pro Masterclass

✭ 12:30pm PT - Lunch/Break

✭ 1:00pm PT - Showcase with 3 Talent Agents

✭ 2:30pm PT - VIP Business Webinar with Walid Chaya

✭ 3:30pm PT - Wrap

The line-up of confirmed VIPs will be updated and emailed to registrants before the program begins. Actors will be emailed a scene 1-2 days before the event to prepare based on their photo/resume or acting profile provided during registration. Scene will be coached by casting pros/director and presented to the agents. We will provide a 'reader' to perform with you on Zoom.

Space is limited, save your spot now and level up! Book now and view our current schedule at


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