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Inclusion For All Performers

Together, we are better.

My team and I strive for equality and to amplify the voices of actors from underrepresented groups, especially in the Hollywood film and TV landscape.

Our last diversity virtual open call was for MENASA actors.

The following VIPs volunteered as special guest panelists and attended our diversity initiative on May 8, 2021:

Marilyn Atlas

Producer/Manager, Marilyn Atlas Mgmt. & Co-Author of "Dating Your Character"

Angela Mickey

Casting Director, Liz Lewis Casting Partners

April Webster

Casting Director, Webster Casting

Ani Avetyan

Casting Director & Producer

Rosalie Joseph

Casting Director, CBS

Barrie Adleberg

Writer/Producer & Founder, Split Ends Media

Mike Mosallam

Writer/Director, Brothers, Breaking Fast (President, Mike Mosallam Productions)

Janelle Bernard

Theatrical Talent Agent, Daniel Hoff Agency

...and additional VIPs, for more info click here.

Only 1 percent of TV actors are Middle Eastern, North African, reveals first ever study of its kind presented by MENA Arts Advocacy Coalition (MAAC). It's time to make a positive change!

These open calls are FREE and part of a diversity initiative series, each event specific to talent from various backgrounds and regions around the world.

For updates on the next diversity initiative, please join our mailing list.

Acting Scholarships are also available on a rolling basis.

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